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About the Journal

Indus Journal of Computing & Communication Technology (IJCCT) is a new refereed journal published bi-annually (January and June) under the patronage of The Indus University, Karachi, Pakistan. It is a nonprofit journal of research to encourage the researchers to promote quality education at national and international level.

This biannual educational research journal publishes theoretical and empirical articles dealing with national and international issues in the areas of Algorithm, Programming, Database, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Encryption, Network Security, Computer Vision,  Signal Processing, Embedded Systems, Communication Antennas, Fiber Optic Communications, Mobile Communications, Robotics, and all related areas. Indus Journal of Computing and Communication Technology (IJCCT) is dedicated to furthering knowledge that aids in the productive application of information technology to human organizations and their management, and more broadly, to improve economic, social welfare and quality education. High quality work from any analytical or research tradition is welcome, including theoretical, analytical, and empirical studies. Submission that build on all these are especially encouraged. Reviews and syntheses of prior contributions to ongoing research streams in the information systems for the research community. The editorial policy of (IJCCT) is predicted on the belief that research, technologies and techniques for the collection, storage, management and use of information of all kinds are a foundation of economic and social development, and their successful use and all kinds are a foundation of economic and social development, and their successful use and subsequent effects are a vital arena for rigorous research of all kinds. There community is no constrained by disciplinary boundaries.

For the sake of said purposes, the IJCCT is free for national as well as international authors.